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The snowstorm wonder


ave you ever had one of those days where you wake up, and you kind of know that something epic is going to happen? For us, this feeling came creeping on December 1st, 2019. For the past week, we were expecting a female in the kennel we were currently employed with to give birth, and boy did she choose her time perfectly. Late in the afternoon that day she started, in the middle of a heavy snowstorm, and we just knew these puppies were going to be a handful.

Seeing as this was the middle of a snow-heavy winter, it was decided that the mother with puppies should be brought inside, to give them the best chance to grow in a good environment, and since we were living closest to the kennel, we volunteered. Soon we had another female husky with 7 tiny children living with us in a small cabin, on top of our three adults, but you know how the saying goes: The more the merrier!

It’s always a danger for us to raise puppies, as you connect with them and then you are obviously hesitant to leave them later

It’s always a danger for us to raise puppies, as you connect with them and then you are obviously hesitant to leave them later. This time it got extra hard, as one of the female puppies showed signs early on of having an explorers soul: She was the first to try, and succeed, in getting out of the box we had for them, and also the first to really want attention from us. After living with them for about a month, it became obvious that we would need to expand our pack, and from the day they moved back to the kennel, we started socializing this tiny little girl more and more, giving her the name Susi, meaning wolf in Finnish. The first time we brought her home the adults were obviously a bit upset, as they are used to being the only children, but as with Varg, it took no more than a week or two for them to get used to her being around (As long as Sabaka got to keep her spot on the couch, of course).


Susi is a special one, compared to the other three. Where the others come from generally the same kennel, Susi is from a completely different kennel, even country, and it’s obvious that there have been other criteria for breeding there. She is quite wild and energetic, loves to explore and closes 1,5 ear when we call for her, but she’s also deeply connected to her new pack, never wandering far away by herself. At the time of writing she is 11 months old, so still an annoying little puppy (Sabaka, Stalpi and Vargs words, not ours), and still has some learning to do when it comes to meeting people and other dogs, but her energy levels are unmatched. Even Varg, our previously energetic little fireball finds her too much at times. But it’s needed, as she is very strong and super eager to pull, and she picks up new tricks fairly quickly. We also don’t need an alarm clock, as her time is always 6.30 in the morning, no matter if we are awake or not. She’s already a set member of the pack, and even though the adults occasionally get a bit grumpy when she’s in her energetic moods, it’s easy to see that she’s already an established member of our little group.

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