Lihkolas Husky

Living the Husky life

Who are we?

We are Thomas and Jana, the happy owners of the three beautiful, crazy Alaskan Huskies Sabaka, Stalpi and Varg. Together we have fought the winter storms of the Arctic Coast, battled the freezing inland cold above the arctic circle, and endured the summer heat of central Europe.

Our little Shop

Thomas do handcrafts. Mainly knives and necklaces, but also odd leatherstuff like small bags and belts. He source most of my materials himself, and try to go for a rougher look.

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Our Stories

Jun 25

The howls of Sami-land


So, as mentioned in the "who are we"-sectioned. Thomas worked as a musher for three years, and met and worked with Jana ...

Mar 26

The Crazy Trio


The intent of this blog is to be about travelling, hiking, nature, and, of course, dogs. We figured it might be a good i..

Dec 14

Treasures of the forest


Since working at a husky lodge, my interest for creating things from wood have gotten bigger and bigger, and especially ..

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