Who are we?

“Lihkolas: From the Sami language, meaning happy”

Who are we? We are Thomas and Jana, theΒ happy owners of the three beautiful, crazy Alaskan Huskies Sabaka, Stalpi and Varg. Together we have fought the winter storms of the Arctic Coast, battled the freezing inland cold above the arctic circle, and endured the summer heat of central Europe.


Jana is originally from Slovakia. As a very experienced traveller, she’s not afraid of long hikes and is an expert at planning our trips. She’s also a very good photographer, and never minds getting her hands dirty if needed.


Thomas is from Northern Norway. Archaeologist by education, but now spends his time creating knives and jewelry from wood and bone, or works as a carpenter. Having spent three years as a mushing guide in Finnmark, he’s used to being outdoors, and loves every second of it.

As for the dogs, they are our faithful companions through everything. Sabaka is the oldest, and even though she is the smallest, she has no problem keeping the two others in check when she needs to. She is as kind as the day is long, and loves spending time on the couch. Stalpi and Varg, on the other hand, would rather be outside, preferably running free. They are brothers, with Stalpi being the oldest, but they are two different coins altogether. Varg is a giant, carefree puppy, wanting to befriend everyone he meets, while Stalpi is the slightly more cautios, calm teddybear. All three love hiking though, and when you put them in front of a sled, it’s full speed all the way.



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