Rather a rainy day on a hill, than a sunny one in the office.

In our last post, we detailed our trip all the way from Slovakia and up to Karasjok, Northern Norway. We’ve been here for almost three months, and now winter has kicked autumn out the door and is digging its heels in. We figured it might be nice to show a bit of the area we’re in, and also the beauty of autumn transitioning to winter.

One of the major differences between the Arctic inland and coast is the weather. Where the coast can be wild and chaotic, the inland is more calm and peaceful. In here it will be more stable, less prone to changing, and such was the beginning of our autumn. Getting off to a good start with sunny weather and even some marvellous evenings with Northern Lights, the skies soon put on a heavy lid of grey skies. We’re not easily deterred though, and our dogs never shy from the opportunity to go hiking or sniffing around the woods. In here we have more opportunities for hikes and walks where we seldom, if ever, meet other people, and we’ve really taken that opportunity.


Throughout the autumn we made it our mission to visit all the trips listed in a local hiking guide, as well as explore areas we know from earlier. One often visited place is an area with a culture trail called Assebakti, with a well-made trail running partly alongside a snaking river and plenty of established places to make a fire and boil some coffee. Some days we’ve decided to just explore the forest around us, so the dogs could use their senses properly, in addition to their muscles. Sometimes it pays off in the form of hidden treasures as well, like materials for Thomas’ handcrafts, or even discarded moose and reindeer antlers (thanks to the dogs’ curious noses).


We also found the time to visit one of our favourite places up north, Steinbukt. It’s an old fishermans house on the coast, close to Hammerfest, that belongs to some friends of us, and it’s an absolutely spectacular place. While there, we took the opportunity to do some light hiking, fill up on blueberries, and enjoy the strongest Northern Lights show we’ve seen in a long time.


Slowly and steadily, the autumn started turning to winter. First we started getting frosty days and nights, with temperatures dipping to -10 celsius and further. The grass and trees were getting covered with snow crystals, the local river and creeks started freezing over, and the nights were getting clear, giving us more spectacles in green and white. The first snowfalls gave us respectively 5 and 20 cm of snow, and we managed one short trip with the sled without damaging anything.

17.10.2017 very first snowfall

And now, as the days are growing ever shorter, we prepare for true winter. We sled more and more, we pull out more and more warm clothing, and the dogs are getting a thicker coat. Compared to Lofoten, this winter will be more stable, more calm, and we’re definitely looking forward to it.



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