Working hard (or hardly working?)

So, time for a short introductory post to some of the stuff we do. In this case it’s my creative outlet, woodworking. I had a course a few years ago on how to make knives, and since then the hobby has expanded. Now, I make mostly knives and necklaces, but also the odd rings, earrings, boxes, and even bags made from moose ears, when I can get them.

It’s a hobby I value greatly, and when I get a new idea, it’s hard to stop before I’m finished. I source most of the material myself during our outings as well, and I try to reuse old stuff on occasions (The leather for the bracelet below came from an old suitcase, for example). The workshop in the pictures is not mine, sadly, but one day I shall have my own kingdom, where the sawdust will float heavily in the air. I also try to sell a few of the things I make, so have a look at the Etsy-link at the top if you’re interested. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to wipe some sawdust off my keyboard…


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