And we’re off!

Hello, and welcome, to those of you who are currently reading this! We are very happy that you have decided to check out our little corner in this massive blog landscape. To do a quick recap, we are Jana and Thomas, a Slovak-Norwegian couple with three Alaskan Huskies, currently residing in Slovakia.

What do we aim to do with this blog? First off, we travel around a bit. As anyone that has a dog can relate to, it can be a bit of a challenge at times. Not only because the dogs are difficult to deal with, but because many places that one might want to visit are not necessarily dog friendly. We tend to travel to the less-visited places, so in that regard we might be able to show off some hidden gems, and at the same time entertain you with the antics of our crazy trio.


Secondly, Jana is a very good photographer, whose pictures we would like to share even more of. There’s an Instagram link under the main banner, and here we’re able to show off more tid-bits that might not be that suited there.

And thirdly, Thomas makes a lot of different things from natural materials, like wood, bone and leather. He also likes to show off the process, and maybe inspire others at the same time. He also tries to sell some minor items on Etsy.


Tl;dr: We’re dog-owners, travellers and “artists”, and we would like to show you our world and entertain. Happy reading!

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